Engineering Services

  • Environetix offers high temperature resistant packaged sensors capable of long-term operation in harsh-environments

    • Stable crystal substrate platform for HT operation

    • Nanocomposite HT electrodes for transduction

    • Passivation coatings for long-term sensor protection

    • Proprietary sensor packaging & attachment


  • Environetix's EVHT-300 wireless monitoring system allows

    • User-friendly software with data logging capability

    • Ideal for real-time sensing & structural health monitoring

  • Our services include:

    • Application feasibility analysis

    • Product adaptation to customer needs

    • Wireless network design

    • High temperature protective coatings

    • Customized application-specific sensor & antenna packaging

    • Integration to customers' systems

    • Remote monitoring capability

What we offer:

Markets Served



Oil Drilling


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