About Us


Environetix was founded in 2009 as a technology-transfer spin-off from the University of Maine's Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology. From the beginning, Environetix has been developing state-of-the-art piezoelectric surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor systems for commercial and military applications. Environetix is committed to making reliable and routine what is currently difficult or inaccessible when it comes to measuring high temperature, pressure, vibration and strain in harsh environments.


Our Technology

Environetix specializes in battery-free, wireless, passive surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors that are stable up to 1000C/1832F. The sensors are ideal for static and rotating harsh-environment applications that require non-intrusive real-time sensing. Environetix designs, fabricates, and installs sensors, as well as high-temperature wireless antennas to suit our customers' needs. Our proprietary standalone EVHT-300 wireless monitoring system allows our customers to seamlessly acquire and monitor sensor output.

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Current Product Line

Our most recent harsh-environment wireless sensor system, EVHT-300, offers a compact design, application flexibility, and user friendly proprietary software platform. Environetix is working with select partners to expand its line of temperature, pressure, vibration and strain sensors, to provide a full suite of sensors for taking measurements in harsh and extreme environments.